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The TYTO - CARBON is a lightweight hand held camera stabilizer that offers cinema level production capabilities achieved through constant positioning feedback from gyro sensors and managing camera movement with high power brushless motors. The camera operator will experience uninhibited freedom and extraordinary control.PMG Multi-Rotors Tyto / Cinematic Camera Stablizer

This device is specifically designed for professional film makers and also consumers. TYTO – CARBON is ready to accept numerous cameras and lenses and can be quickly programmed and balanced with little to zero training which will empower the operator to achieve the highly desired cinema level production shots. This stabilizer chassis works well and is designed to carry camera payloads of up to 5 lbs. After accurate camera profile programming, TYTO CARBON is balanced and "Ready For Service" right out of the box.

TYTO – CARBON, Weighing only 4.2 lbs is constructed with ultra light carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber plates, ABS Tube Clamps and high quality stainless steel hardware.

TYTO – CARBON features a full 3-axis control, which allows for 360 degrees of pan, 180 degrees of tilt, and 180 degrees of roll. Additionally there are several programmable modes of operation: Auto, Pan, & Tilt, Locked Mode and Follow Mode. RC & Accessory Control is an add on option.

Finished TYTO CARBON Units are shipping January 1st. We are taking pre-order registration with deposit. Contact PMG for details and pricing.


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